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Kollectify: New Way to Invest


Kollectify is a new way to invest in Indian stock markets. It is here to make investing super easy and intuitive. Meet Kollectives:
Kollectives are intelligently designed, personalizable basket of stocks representing an idea or a theme. These themes can arise out of the industry, a mega trend, economic events or an Investing strategy.For example, you may want to invest in education ecosystem in India than in that case you can choose Educating India Kollective which is a basket of stocks from Education ecosystem or you may want to invest in stocks benefiting from Oil Price dip than you can pick our Oil Dip Kollective which is a basket of stocks of companies which use Oil as raw material, or if you are looking to invest in companies which are turning around our Turnaround Kollectives is there for you.
Find pre-built portfolios built around these and many such ideas at Kollectify.
Think of it as a Catalog investing. Pick what you like.
Kollectify is Social - Explore, Build, Showcase, Share and Discuss Kollectives and investing ideas with our community.